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Halloween Round-up

14 Nov 2023

A successful spooky season

It's been another great Halloween at Burnbrae Primary! The Parent Council were happy to host three successful Halloween discos, with wonderful support from school staff and some incredible costumes from the kids. It was lovely to see the pupils enjoying playing games and having a Halloween boogie with some of their teachers on the dance floor! As well as having fun, we raised £785. So thank you to everyone who made it possible!

We have also run our Halloween costume bank for the second year running. Many thanks to everyone who donated costumes and to the parent volunteers who helped to wash, organise, and distribute the donations. Re-using Halloween costumes is a great way for families to save money, but did you know that it is also a way to help save the planet? The production of new clothes is responsible for huge carbon emissions, and vast amounts of clothes end up in landfill. By simply donating an outgrown costume or collecting a used costume instead of buying new, you have your bit to tackle climate change and protect the environment. So thank you very much! And if you're interested in more ways to tackle clothing waste, check out our eco uniform bank and watch this space for information about our Christmas jumper swap...

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