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Christmas Jumper exchange

15 Nov 2023

Help us give Christmas jumpers a longer life!

Who doesn't love a Christmas jumper? The cheesier the better! But buying the kids a new Christmas jumper every year is costly - both to your bank balance and to the planet. So help us to save money and reduce waste, though our festive jumper swap!

We will be collecting pre-loved Christmas jumpers from Monday November 20th. Donations can be dropped off at a box at the school office. Then, from Monday November 27th until Friday December 8th, come along and help yourself to a free Christmas jumper. We're calling this a swap, but you don't have to donate a jumper in order to take one home. Jumpers will be available from collection at the school office (on a rail next to the eco uniform bank).

The children will be invited to wear a Christmas jumper to school on Friday December 8th, so let's try to avoid buying new and instead to give your old jumpers a new home!

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