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(Almost) end of year update

13 Jun 2023

Read about how the Parent Council has supported the Burnbrae Community in 2022-2023.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of the Parent Council members and volunteers (families, teaching staff and beyond) who have helped to make 2022-2023 such a fantastic and successful year. Through our fundraising, the Parent Council have been able to financially support (by paying for fully or contributing to the costs):

  • New playground equipment and playground works

  • The Little Wood litter pick equipment

  • The whole school pantomime

  • Christmas trees

  • A visit from the author Lea Taylor

  • School trips

  • Leavers' parties for ASN and P7

  • P7 yearbooks

  • Nursery ice cream van and leavers' books

These financial contributions wouldn't be possible without the hard work and generosity of the volunteers and the Burnbrae community - thank you!

The role of the Parent Council goes beyond fundraising! We are committed to giving families a voice and to promoting safety, sustainability, and community. To that end, we are very proud of our other activities and achievements this school year, including:

  • Running eco uniform, Halloween, and Christmas jumper banks

  • Running events for the school community to enjoy - Halloween disco, Easter fair, Christmas raffle and bake sale

  • Supporting the re-inspection of school through meetings and engagement with inspectors

  • Raising parental concerns at regular meetings throughout the year

  • Participation in plans to keep Burnbrae a pedestrian safe zone

  • Gathering family views on the proposed Midlothian Council budget cuts, and presenting these views to Midlothian Council

  • Representing Burnbrae at meetings with other Parent Councils and with Midlothian Council

  • Creating a brand new website, to improve communication and promote engagement with Burnbrae families

Thank you to the many families who have supported us this year. We are keen to advocate for the families of Burnbrae and make sure that we are raising the issues that matter to you. Please feel free to contact us or come along to our meetings.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of volunteers. We are always looking for more people to join us in supporting the school. If you'd like to join the Parent Council or even just contribute a small amount of your time, please do get in touch.

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